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John Guyton

John Guyton

Associate Extension Professor

Mailing Address:
Box 9775
Mississippi State, MS 39762


  • Entsminger, E., D., J. C. Jones, J. W. Guyton, B. K. Strickland, B. D. Leopold, 2017. Evaluation of mowing frequency on right-of-way plant communities in Mississippi. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 8(1):125-139. Download
  • Guyton, J. W. 2016. The pedagogy and team of a highly successful bug & plant camp The Oldest Bug and Plant Camp in the Nation! Transactions of the American Entomological Society 142(1):91-95. Download
  • Guyton, J.W., L. Connington. 2013. An outdoor classroom survival guide. Page 139 in Mississippi Environmental Education Alliance, Moss Point, MS.
  • Clary, R., J. Wandersee, J.W. Guyton, and M.R. Williams. 2012. Citizen Science in Your Own Backyard, Building a Generation of Scientists through Entomology. The Science Teacher 79(9).
  • Williams, M.R., J. Guyton, D.W. Held, C.H. Collison. 2008. 4-H Entomology Camp in Mississippi. Midsouth Entomologist 1(1):69-75. Download