Federico Hoffmann

Federico Hoffmann

Associate Professor


Research Areas:
  • We seek to better understand the evolution of vertebrate genomes. Within this broad area, we center on questions related to the emergence of novel genes, defined broadly to include small RNAs, and how these novel genes acquire new biological functions. Aside from our own research, we collaborate with other groups to analyze biological sequence data to answer questions in viral epidemiology, molecular systematics, mammalian evolution, and fungal pathogen identity.

Courses Taught:
  • BCH 4503/6603 - Senior Seminar

Lab Website


  • Storz, J., F., C. Natarajan, M. K. Grouleff, M. Vandewege, F. G. Hoffmann, X. You, B. Venkatesh, A. Fago. 2020. Oxygenation properties of hemoglobin and the evolutionary origins of isoform multiplicity in an amphibious air-breathing fish, the blue-spotted mudskipper (Boleophthalmus pectinirostris). The Journal of Experimental Biology.  Download
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  • Vines, P. L., F. G. Hoffmann, F. S. Meyer, T. W. Allen, J. Luo, N. Zhang, M. Tomaso-Peterson. 2019. Magnaporthiopsis cynodontis, a novel turfgrass pathogen with widespread distribution in the United States. Mycologia 112(1):52-63.  Download
  • Tomaso-Peterson, M., Y.-K. Jo, P. Vines, F. G. Hoffmann. 2016. Curvularia malinah sp. nov. incites a new disease of warm-season turfgrasses in the southeastern United States. Mycologia 108(5):915-924. Download
  • Hoffmann, F.G., J.C. Opazo, D. Hoogewijs, T. Hankeln, B. Ebner, S. Vinogradov, J.F. Storz. 2012. Evolution of the globin gene family in deuterostomes: lineage-specific patterns of diversification and attrition. Molecular Biology and Evolution 29:1735-1745. Download
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