Cotton Insect Losses - 2022

Don R. Cook, M. Threet, and K. Huff
Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station
Delta Research & Extension Center
Mississippi State University
Stoneville, MS

Cotton Insect Loss Estimates

United States


Since 1978, estimates of losses resulting from cotton insect pests have been compiled based on surveys and observations of county agents, extension specialists, crop consultants, and research entomologists. Over the years additional information has been added to the surveys and report as situations have evolved (ex. introduction of Bt cotton, boll weevil eradication). This report is sponsored by the Cotton Foundation. Thank you to all who contributed to this report.

Explanation of Tables

Data are weighted averages across a reporting unit (state, region within a state). These averages are based on the number of acres reported, the number of acres infested (with losses), and the estimated percent loss. Numbers of bales and numbers of acres are rounded to the nearest whole number, and bale weight was set at 480 lbs. The information included in this report are estimates across an area (portion of a state, state) and may not completely reflect what occurred at the local or individual farm level.

State Coordinators

Alabama --- Ron Smith and Scott Graham
Arizona --- Peter Ellsworth
Arkansas --- Gus Lorenz, Glenn Studebaker, Ben Thrash, and Nick Bateman
California --- an Grettenberger and Bob Huntmacher
Florida --- Ethan Carter and Libbie Johnson
Georgia --- Phillip Roberts
Louisiana --- Tyler Towles
Mississippi --- Whitney Crow and Don Cook
Missouri --- Bradley Wilson
New Mexico --- Jane Pierce
North Carolina --- Dominic Reisig
South Carolina --- Jeremy Greene
Tennessee --- Sebe Brown
Texas --- David Kerns
Virginia --- Sally Taylor

This report is sponsored by a grant from the Cotton Foundation.